David Kolb Redesign

David Kolb is an author, scholar, and retired professor of Philosophy. In this project, I designed and developed in WordPress a new space to archive all the writings, lectures, and hypertext work that David has produced in his long and successful academic career.

We decided that WordPress would be the best platform to build out this new website because it makes blogging simple, and because it has built-in categorization and tagging taxonomies that we could apply to David’s works.

Each of David’s works were added to the website using a custom post type and given a category and a link to either PhilPapers, Research Gate, or The NEXT. Now, all of David’s works are neatly organized in one place and can be searched and filtered by category.


David Kolb homepage before

Original dkolb.org home page

David Kolb works page before

Original dkob.org Works page


In the updated version of dkolb.org:

  • All of David’s work is now archived in one place.
  • David’s work can be searched and filtered by category or keyword.
  • Dkolb.org now has a blog where David can share his thoughts and start new conversations about his works.
  • The new dkolb.org has modern, clean, and consistent styling throughout the site.

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